Slippers From Old Lace-Up Shoes – This project is a great way to recycle an old pair of lace-up shoes. By using a simple needle and thread, you can transform the shoes into cozy slippers. You can also make a matching set for yourself, or gift them to your kids. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can easily make them using a straight stitch with a hand sewing needle.

1. Make The Slippers

Making the boho slippers from an old pair of lace-up shoes is a great way to repurpose a beloved piece of clothing that can be worn again and again. And if you’re going to take your shoe-making skills beyond the basics, you can even add a few embellishments to really make the slippers your own. But remember: keep it simple!

2. Make the Crochet Hook

Crochet hook (or crochet needle) is made out of wood. If you want to crochet something but don’t have crochet hooks, you can use a knitting needle instead. You can use a sewing needle, too, or even a wooden match stick or dowel.

3. Make the Lace

Do you want to wear these slippers but aren’t sure if you could possibly pull off the slippers-from-lace-up-shoes look? Yes, you can. In fact, it’s easier than you might think. All you need is lace-up shoes, scissors and a pair of scissors. Then you simply cut the lace off the shoe and put it on the slipper.


4. Put it Together

There’s nothing like getting a pair of slippers made especially for you by the hands that put the original ones on your feet. While there are many ways to make a pair of slippers from old shoes, this is one of the easiest ways. You don’t have to use an expensive sewing machine and a lot of time and patience. The slippers pictured are made using only a crochet hook and a pair of lace-up shoes.

5. Show It Off

You might feel that you don’t have any sort of talent or skill, but you could always try and show off your own style. I mean, no one knows your name. The key to creating a look that’s uniquely yours is to embrace the elements that make you who you are and use them to the best of your ability.


It’s a very simple idea that has proven to work again and again. We all know that we want to save money, and we all know that if we were to buy an entire pair of shoes, that would be the cheapest option. So, why not take an old pair of shoes, cut off the laces, and voila! Instant slipper! I’m sure that at least half of the population has at least one pair of shoes that they don’t use anymore and could have a pair made into slippers. I hope that you’ll find this article useful.